At first glance, Mauro Ranallo is your typical shiny celebrity who leads a charmed life. He got his first big break at 16, when he became a weekly presence on nationwide television as a heel manager and commentator for All Star Wrestling in Vancouver, Canada, his home country.

He later made history as the first sports broadcaster ever to call every major combat sport on national television: Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, and Professional Wrestling. He has been named Boxing Announcer of the Year in 2013 by Yahoo Sports. He has called some of the biggest fights in women’s MMA on Showtime and for InvictaFC, the first all female MMA promotion. He has traveled internationally, becoming the absolute best known voice in boxing and other combat sports.

Over his career, he has worn many hats – celebrity sports announcer, TV and radio personality, voice over artist and more. But he has also worn a mask.

Mauro Ranallo suffers from bipolar disorder, with which he has struggled since he was a teen. In his recent ShowTime film BiPolar Rock n Roller, Mauro reveals the devastating cost of the manic highs and abysmal lows that characterize the condition. The film is deliberately raw, making certain scenes hard to watch, like the one where Mauro returns to his hotel room from a spectacular personal triumph feeling suicidal.

“I have a voice and a platform and the stigma around mental health is costing people their lives,” he says. Mauro now lives in Los Angeles, California where he is a social advocate for Mental Health, an avid hiker and voice artist for commercials, books and film.

His feature documentary Bi Polar Rock ‘n Roller shares his battle with Bi Polar Affective Disorder


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