Mauro Ranallo and Al BernsteinSource: Yahoo Sports

Mauro Ranallo received Yahoo Sports 2013 year-end award of Announcer of the Year. He’s a bad dude switching from MMA to Boxing and winning the highest award! Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole presented the honor in their official “of the year” awards: Yahoo Sports Boxing Awards: Best of the Rest. Congratulations Mauro!

A momentous year for boxing has come to an end, and my fervent wish is that 2014 will surpass the excitement and the greatness that we saw throughout 2013.

Announcer of the Year, Mauro Ranallo – Ranallo, Showtime’s play-by-play man, is an acquired taste, and his propensity for alliterations and corny catch phrases turns some off. It’s clear, though, that he has a great passion for the sport and that rubs off on the viewer. A play-by-play man’s job is to inform the viewers and bring them into the broadcast and Ranallo has a knack for getting fans into it.