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No Way Jose

He got lucky t.co/g5N640DPpq

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Nikki Cross

YES!! Get them! Get them!!!! Fight! FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maim! Maim!!! MAIM!!!!!!!! Play!!! Go on, go!… t.co/yTlNGyg797

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Mauro Ranallo

@JerBear4000 @WWEPercyWatson @McGuinnessNigel Thanks! We are working hard at getting better.👊🙏

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I like @WWEPercyWatson I think he and @McGuinnessNigel play off one another great! And of course @mauroranallo is the best! Solid team! #NXT

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Anthony Carey

@mauroranallo i liked your opening tribute to "The Brain" on NXT

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